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To our friends wholove peace 


 70th summer coming, we have passedsince the atomic bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.

 More over in the world, there are 16,300 shots nuclear bombs, they threaten the human beings to live. The atomic bombsdestroyed the two cities in a moment, deprived the lives of 210,000 peoplewithin the year. That was the worst tragedy through the human history, stillnow 190,000 people have been suffering. By nuclear tests and accident ofnuclear plants also extends seriously radioactivity from ever corner of theworld.

 “We human beings never coexist with nuclearweapons” “No more A-bomb victim”, the citizens movement for abolition ofnuclear weapons has spread and about to change the world.

 This year was held re-examine NPT once fiveyears. Over 1,000 people from Japan as the request delegation (15 from Ehimeprefecture) went to New York to bring 6,330,000 signatures “All out nuclearweapons”. We complained all-out nuclear weapons to show a witness of nuclear weapons,an exhibition of Atomic panel, a paper slide-picture show ”Hadashi (bare feet)Gen”. A general of a head official and representatives in government gave voiceto give whole-hearted support.

 Re-examine meeting went on for four weeks,America and England stood against of the meeting no nuclear zone in the MiddleEast, finally, a meeting closed that didn’t reach a final agreement. But in afinal document sketch “some treaties of no nuclear weapons, abolish them with atime limit, first, a thing referred is important to take a step forward. Weindict about the non-humaneness of nuclear weapons, 159 countries containedJapan approve the greatest number in the past, we request no nuclear weapons,abolition advanced in a stream an international steadily. The greatest obstacleis against a few countries have nuclear power.

 People that average age going on 80 A-bombradiations have been wishing that they want to build up a world without nuclearuntil they are living. The period of 70th year to open the door fromA-bomb radiation, the movement develops larger of each country anti nuclearpeace of the world. We will take action with world people to let you concludeall-out nuclear, a treaty of abolish nuclear to nuclear holdings.

 We,The Great Peace March of Ehime Japan Council against Atomic & HydrogenBombs, have done the peace march for 58 years hoping the world peace andabolition of nuclear weapons as a bombed nation with the constitution ofrenunciation of war. This year, too, we visited all the cities in Ehime andover 700 citizens including the A-bombed victims took part in the peace march.At the same time the action of sending these paper cranes as peace messengersto foreign countries is organized and 200,000 paper cranes are gathered.

One thousand cranes represent long life. Itis said the cranes live a thousand years and the turtles ten thousand years.There is a child statue of A-bomb victim in Hiroshima Peace Park. Sadako Sasakiwas 2 years and 8 months old when the A-bomb was dropped. She continued foldinga thousand paper cranes. She died of acute leukemia at the age of 12. Cranesare full of our resolution not to bring about A-bomb victim again.

We will send them to your group. We havesent 3,838,000 cranes to 75 groups in 31 countries. We wish you to make use ofthem for your peace activities of anti-nuclear, anti-war anti-nuclear plantfrom the glass roots movement. We look forward to hearing your activity.

No more Hiroshima!No more Nagasaki! No more Hibakusya!


2015 The committeeof The Great Peace March of Ehime Council

Against Atomic& Hydrogen Bombs,

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